Foreigners who visit Albania don’t spend their night

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According to government data, only 8% of foreigners who entered the country in May stayed in one of the country’s hotels, resorts, or rental apartments. This is because a large proportion of persons who enter the country either transit through or dwell in informal arrangements.

Foreign tourists are arriving, but it appears that they are not staying in the country’s hotels, resorts, or rental flats, at least according to official data. According to INSTAT, only 57 thousand and 958 immigrants, or 8.2 percent of those who entered the nation in May, were accommodated. The remainder are separated among people who are only travelling through the country and structures that are still in their early stages.

“Today, we have lodging complexes that are half-full, if not empty. This accurately depicts the scenario, and as previously stated, we are primarily a transit country. This could be due to an increase in the number of lodging structures that are not part of the integrated tourism system, but in any event, very few foreigners remain in Albania,” said Ferjolt Ozuni, a tourism department professor.