Berisha: Rama instructed Ahmetaj to carry out the escape of the century

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“You heard it in his 16-minute speech: the head of the incinerator’s criminal organization never mentioned the word ‘escape’ once.” Edi Rama hasn’t had that happen because he ordered it himself.”

That’s how Sali Berisha put it this Wednesday, speaking about the former MP Minister’s departure from Albania following SPAK’s request to parliament to revoke his immunity.

He said that Arben Ahmetaj pulled off the escape of the century.

The state’s second-highest executive official flees. That did not happen for the criminal organization’s leader. As a result, he hammered his chest with extreme shamelessness and cynicism, talked about justice with ministers in hiding, and didn’t mention hiding and shamelessness in a complete lack of regard for the population.

In utter recklessness, he has issued an open invitation to each of his officials to flee if they are summoned by court.

Gjushi gets a prize for not fleeing. Look at Gjushi, they summoned the cops to him and told him to leave. Gjushi, on the other hand, did not leave; he knows why. Whereas this one [Ahmetaj] flees without saying anything, which implies you all, one after the other. Is this shamelessness, hypocrisy, and cynicism indicative of a greater contempt for Albanians? “The incinerator incident is the incinerator incident, just as Ahmetaj’s escape is the escape of the century,” Berisha stated.