Berisha accuses Veliaj and Rama, the main proprietors of the Tirana incinerator

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Sali Berisha accused Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj and Engjell Agaçi of being the chief authors and owners of the Tirana incinerator on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement to the media, the DP Reestablishment leader said that Veliaj, in order to prepare the way for “his business concession, passed to Mertiri and Zoto, the Eko Tirana enterprise, which is owned by the Municipality of Tirana.”

Berisha noted, in outlining the procedures for the Tirana incinerator, that Veliaj addressed four letters to the Ministry of Finance requesting clearance for the incinerator’s concession. Former minister Shkelqim Cani dismissed the request, and Arben Ahmetaj denied it three more times after that.

The Tirana incinerator’s major owners or shareholders are Erion Veliaj, Edi Rama, and Engjell Agaçi. We should add that the Tirana incinerator scandal, for which 104 million dollars have been paid but nothing has been built, amounts to a theft of about 680 million euros over 30 years, or more than ten times the robberies with the Elbasan and Fier incinerators combined.

Official documents show that Erion Veliaj initiated the Tirana incinerator proposal, not as a public investment like the Elbasan and Fier incinerators, but as a private concession for the sole reason that Rama, Veliaj, and Agaçi wanted to profit from it, not for 7 or 10 years, but for 30 years, with the possibility of extension after 30 years, as is customary with concessions. As a result, they were considering their successors. Because they could only cash in 680 million euros in their business with a 30-year term. Erion Veliaj, along with Edi Rama and Engjll Agaçi, is the principal owner since he passed to Mrtiri and Zoto, the Eko Tirana firm owned by the Municipality of Tirana, to prepare the way for their concession.

The Tirana incinerator is primarily owned by Erion Veliaj, Rama, and Agaçi. Thief Lali filed four letters to the Ministry of Finance requesting approval for the Tirana incinerator concession. Former Minister Shklqim Cani categorically declined. Following him, it was declined three times more by Arben Ahmetaj, and the fourth time, Ahmetaj washed his hands like Pilate when he wrote ‘no comment’ because this is under the jurisdiction of the local government. Erion Veliaj is a Tirana incinerator owner who goes so far as to sign papers on behalf of the Tirana Municipal Council and the Tirana District Council, even though both councils have never met. He could not sign in any instance or under any circumstances since, according to the Constitution, these councils have chairmen, and it is the chairman of the municipality, not the councils, who signs the paperwork.

Because the Tirana incinerator case is the biggest scam in the history of procurements or concessions, not just in Albania, but probably in the globe, Erion Veliaj is the major owner, together with Edi Rama and Engjll Agaçi. Their company, Integrated Energy BV, Veliaj-Rama, and Agaçi, received 8 points despite the fact that it did not exist at the time, except in their minds. On December 7, 2016, this corporation will receive 8 points for the Tirana incinerator despite the fact that it was not registered with any Albanian official organization. Minister Ermonela Felaj submitted an official letter to the Prime Minister in this regard, explaining that this could not be done, that the bonus could not be awarded because the company does not exist at all. But it existed in Rama-Veliaj and Agaçi’s heads, and they were rewarded for it. Eight months later, one day before Rama and Agaçi proclaimed it as the winner of the Tirana concession, the business was registered.

The Tirana incinerator’s chief authors and thieves are Erion Veliaj, Edi Rama, and Engjll Agaçi. Can anyone believe that after six years and 104 million euros in taxpayer and private sector funding, none of the incinerator’s facilities have been built?

Erion Veliaj, on the other hand, continues to charge Tirana residents 29 euros. This rate is clearly in breach of the contract.