Xhafaj: Corruption is being hit at its highest levels

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Fatmir Xhafaj commented on the current work of SPAK (Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime) in a “Interview” with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN, emphasizing that “for the first time in the history of our country’s democracy, impunity as a phenomenon and corruption at high levels are being targeted.”

“SPAK receives the most attention, and rightly so, but it was not the only goal of the Justice Reform.” Justice is more than just SPAK. Other elements, including as prosecution offices, first-instance courts, and the Constitutional Court, are also significant. It would be a mistake to see it only from one perspective. SPAK was strengthened as a specialized body in the anti-corruption struggle. There are other EU member states that have it as a specific organization for various reasons. We delegated responsibility for the battle against corruption to them. This was our reality, and we gave it far more strength and authority than Serious Crimes,” claimed the former Interior Minister.

According to Xhafaj, “it is significant that, for the first time in our country’s democratic history, impunity as a phenomenon and high-level corruption are being targeted.”

“This could never happen under Democratic Party leadership.” All of this is due to the Justice Reform, which provided the greatest feasible option based on other countries’ experiences. It has only been three and a half years since the Special Prosecutor’s Office was established, and much less since the National Bureau of Investigation was established. Today, we are judging and criticizing a couple years of labor, forgetting that two years are insufficient,” underlined the former communist deputy.