“Today I feel more like a Mujahideen than ever,” declares Berisha as he demands Çuçi’s resignation

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During a heated debate in the Assembly, Sali Berisha, the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), called for a minute of silence to honor what he referred to as a “freedom martyr.” Berisha was referring to an elderly man who tragically lost his life during the incident involving the state police at the MEK camp.

Berisha vehemently contested the charges against the camp members, considering them to be fabricated, and he further insisted on the removal of Bledi Çuçi, the Minister of the Interior.

“Today, I stand here to declare that I feel more connected to them than ever before. I feel like a Mujahideen, a fighter for freedom. I express my deepest support and sympathy to them. Today, I truly feel like a Mujahideen because the immoral government of this country took the life of a freedom fighter under its own roof, within its own sanctuary. This unjust indictment that you read yesterday is the most disgraceful tale for any nation. It was written in Tehran.”

However, the head of the Socialist Party’s Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla, opposed Berisha’s statements, asserting that the incident at the MEK camp should not be exploited for political gain.