“The USA Stands by Albania”: Kim Discusses Revising Agreement with Mujahideen

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Following the recent operation carried out by the Albanian State Police in the “Ashraf 3” camp in Manzë, Durrës, tensions and clashes arose between the Mujahideen and law enforcement. In this context, the Albanian authorities received support from the United States, their strategic ally, who had requested the shelter of this group in our country.

When asked about the police action, American Ambassador Yuri Kim emphasized Albania’s right to enforce its own laws within its territory.

“One thing is clear: we support Albania’s right to enforce its own laws within its own country. Every type of guest in a country should abide by certain terms and follow them,” stated Kim.

Regarding the possibility of revising the agreement with the Iranian Mujahideen, the American ambassador expressed openness to this option.

“I believe it is a decision that the Albanian government should make,” she emphasized.

Earlier, the US Department of State, through a spokesperson quoted by Radio Free Europe, expressed support for the actions of the Albanian Police.

“The Albanian State Police assured us that all actions were conducted in accordance with the existing laws, including the protection of the rights and freedoms of all individuals in Albania. We support the Albanian government’s right to investigate any potential illegal activities within its territory,” stated the spokesperson on behalf of the US State Department in their conversation with RFE.

According to the same spokesperson, the US does not view the MEK as a “viable democratic opposition movement representing the Iranian people,” but rather has “serious concerns about the MEK as an organization, including allegations of abuse against its members.”