Support for Fredi Beleri: His constitutional and sovereign rights are being violated in Himara

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During the Assembly session on improving the catalog of human rights in the country, the head of PBDNJ, Dule, raised concerns about the arrest of the elected mayor, Fredi Beleri, just two days before the May 14 elections. Dule accused Prime Minister Rama of ordering the arrest of Beleri.

“A citizen, Dhionisis Alfred Beleri, has been arbitrarily deprived of his freedom and constitutional right to exercise his powers and responsibilities as an elected mayor with a ratified mandate in one of the country’s 61 municipalities. The municipality of Himara is trampling on the sovereign rights of its community, and why? Simply because they do not like the first Ludovic of Albania. There may be legal aspects that justify Mr. Beleri’s detention, but the instigator and orchestrator behind his kidnapping is the country’s prime minister. Why do I say this? Let’s look at the chronology of events. On May 6, a week and two days before the elections, during a meeting with supposed residents of Himara (who were all imported), he signaled that he would not tolerate the Himariotes expressing their will. He urged them to look him in the eye and decide that they would choose their first. This denigrating, intimidating, and abusive motive persisted for days wherever it was found, and the target was Fredi Beleri. He was stigmatized and demonized with the ultimate goal of taking control of Himara City Hall. Thirty minutes before Beleri was kidnapped, the Prime Minister of the country, Ludovic of Albania, gave the order for his kidnapping and hostage-taking.”

According to Dule, Albania is currently in a phase of power calculation, and he compares Prime Minister Rama to Louis XIV.

“In any decent democracy, the Ombudsman is considered the crown jewel of our country. Unfortunately, we have not received the support that we, as an assembly, should have guaranteed. The People’s Advocate, by constitutional designation, is an oppositional institution to the government, but we have no tolerance for oppositional opinions, whether they are institutional, political, or party-related. We are currently in a phase of power calculation. We have a party, a government, an assembly, a state, and above all, we have Ludovic, who proclaims every day, ‘I am the state.’ However, if Louis XIV was once the pride of France, our head of government is the shame of Albania.”