Medicine students continue protest

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The ongoing protest by medical students against the university’s proposals shows no signs of slowing down. Today, the students gathered in front of the Ministry of Education, taking their demonstration to a new level by hanging their white shirts on the railings of the ministry building. This act was a direct response to the government’s proposition of three years of mandatory employment in Albania after completing their studies.

The students vehemently oppose the government’s initiative as well as the proposals put forth by the universities. They argue that these measures infringe upon their human rights to practice medicine wherever they choose. Additionally, they believe that assigning inexperienced doctors to areas lacking professional medical practitioners puts patients at risk.

The hanging of white shirts on the ministry’s railings symbolizes their strong disagreement with the ministry’s proposal. The students demand the immediate cancellation of this proposal and urge for improvements not only in the conditions of their studies but also in the healthcare system as a whole. They highlight the dangers of inadequate practical training in their curriculum and emphasize the risks associated with deploying inexperienced doctors to areas with a shortage of professionals.

Speaking to A2 CNN, one of the medical students expressed their concerns. “The ministry’s proposal is flawed. It suggests increasing fees and mandating employment in areas where the homeland supposedly needs us. We demand the cancellation of this proposal and improvements in all aspects, including education and healthcare. The current educational conditions pose a threat to patients’ lives, as inexperienced doctors are sent to areas without any other qualified professionals,” the student stated.

She also clarified her reasons for refusing to work solely where the country dictates. “Initially, the plan was to stay in Albania. Until a week ago, my intention was to work as a general practitioner before pursuing specialization. However, when you are confronted with a predetermined job placement, your perspective changes. It would take me 25 years to relocate to a place where the homeland supposedly needs me, and that is a problem. None of us would ever disregard the Hippocratic Oath, but when our concerns are ignored, we have no choice but to prioritize our own well-being,” she explained.