Kurti’s Message to Serbs: Free elections and rule of law needed

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In a 10-minute video message delivered in Serbian, Prime Minister Albin Kurti directly addresses the Serbs of Kosovo.

Kurti emphasizes the necessity of free elections in the northern municipalities, but underscores that true freedom can only be achieved through the establishment of the rule of law.

The Prime Minister further emphasizes the full and unconditional implementation of the basic agreement for the normalization of relations.

“Without a fair and democratic campaign, there can be no fair and democratic election. That is why the rule of law is of utmost importance. We need an environment free from intimidation and criminal activities. It is something we must create together. By upholding the rule of law, we can gradually reduce the presence of police forces in municipal facilities. Furthermore, urgent meetings in Brussels are needed to ensure the complete and unconditional implementation of the basic agreement from Brussels, which includes the Ohrid Annex,” Kurti states.

He goes on to highlight that the Serbian President initially accepted the agreement but now expresses regret and complaints about it, effectively recognizing the Republic of Kosovo de facto. Kurti emphasizes that acts of aggression, such as attacking and kidnapping policemen, shooting at KFOR soldiers, and violent acts against journalists, will not be tolerated. He stresses that a democratic and liberal society cannot tolerate a culture of bullying.