Kurti: I was willing to meet Vucic in Brussels, but he refused

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“I came to Brussels with the intention of meeting with the Serbian side to discuss the way forward. However, since this is a process that involves two parties, unfortunately, it was not possible,” stated Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, following his meeting with EU High Representative Josep Borrell in Brussels.

Kurti also expressed his willingness to announce early local elections in Kosovo, emphasizing the importance of conducting them in accordance with the country’s legal framework.

“We recognize the need for holding extraordinary elections in the northern region, but it must be done in a process that adheres to the principles of the rule of law, including a fair and transparent campaign. I cannot claim that the situation is completely safe solely based on our bilateral meetings. However, as an optimistic mediator, I can say that there are encouraging signals that the days ahead will bring improvements compared to the past,” Kurti stated.