Has Basha lost 6 pairs of elections? Alibeaj responds: Let’s leave it to the Democrats to assess

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When asked about the Democratic Party (DP) race and Lulzim Basha’s candidacy, Enkelejd Alibeaja replied, “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to let the Democrats evaluate it through an honest, fair, and equal process?” In a media statement, he expressed that this right belongs to the party membership.

“We can have our own opinions, but no one should have the audacity to believe they know better and have a greater sense of righteousness than the membership. We have a responsibility to ensure their voices are heard. The DP should no longer be a party for those who abandon it.”

According to Alibeaja, a successful DP is one that does not rely on the whims and preferences of the leader, but rather on the judgment of the Democrats.

“After a year-long struggle both from within and outside the DP, it is crucial for the party to emerge not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of consciousness. It requires a Democratic Party that has genuinely undergone a change in mindset, acknowledging past mistakes and finding the necessary capacities. The party should be based on values. A successful DP should not and will not be a party that depends on the personal tastes and moods of an individual. A party that solely relies on its leader is better off not existing. It should not be a party that hinges on the perception of Gjergj Hani or Lulzim Basha. The DP is a mechanism that does not simply rely on who is in charge; each leader will be subject to the judgment of the Democrats. It is our duty to all the Democrats who have stood steadfastly for the past two years to keep the DP alive. Their fate does not depend on any individual who may become the party leader. The party is more than just a parliamentary group. The parliamentary group represents the most selected part of the party with a mission. All policies should be brought forth in this chamber, and the DP group has no right to interfere in the party’s organizational process. Deputies are independent individuals, and their mandates are not binding. They have the right to make their own choices within a party process. This is how it should function within a Democratic Party. It is not about numbers but about values. It was not a process designed to serve Lulzim Basha.”

Alibeaj believes that the DP’s current challenge is whether it will embrace its values or succumb to pressure.

“We are facing a significant test of character and politics. Will we stand by the DP based on the values it should uphold, or will we yield to disproportionate attacks and pressures that do not serve the public interest? Each party member has the freedom to make their own choice. The dilemma lies in whether we will rebuild a party around values or around narrow interests. I support the former, and I respect others in their choices.”

Alibeaja emphasized that the members of the National Democratic Council are those who remained loyal to the DP and did not join the LSI.

“We should have commenced the elections within the DP. We need to trust the documents, the facts, and the camera footage. Some members of the National Council chose another political shelter in the LSI, but the number of those who stayed with the DP during the most difficult times and were not tempted is 329.”