Does Albania need cannabis legalization?

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Pranvera Resulaj, an MP from the Socialist Party, discussed the topic of cannabis legalization during an interview on “A2 Business” with Aurora Sulçe on A2 CNN.

According to Resulaj, it is important to understand that the proposed law focuses on the medical and industrial use of cannabis, with economic benefits also being a consideration.

The main challenge, as highlighted by Resulaj, lies in the effective implementation and enforcement of this draft law, which is a concern shared by international partners.

So, does Albania need cannabis legalization?                            

It is crucial to recognize that the proposed legislation primarily aims to regulate the medical and industrial use of cannabis. Additionally, the economic aspects, particularly exports, are also taken into account.

The draft law outlines detailed procedures and steps. However, as with any legislative proposal, the key issue lies in its implementation and adherence. This aspect is of particular concern to international actors and the European Union, who are closely monitoring how effectively the provisions of this bill will be implemented.