Çollaku: The key to solving the crisis between Kosovo and Serbia, only a final agreement

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Besim Çollaku, former Minister of European Integration of Kosovo, was invited to discuss the situation in northern Kosovo and the dialogue between the parties during a “Debate” on A2 CNN hosted by Alba Alishani. Çollaku primarily focused on the unsuccessful meeting in Brussels between Prime Minister Kurti and President Vučić.

Çollaku stated that there were no positive expectations from today’s meeting in Brussels among the people of Kosovo. However, he expressed his belief that a solution would eventually be reached. He emphasized that this solution would be temporary and that the tensions would persist until a final agreement was reached between Kosovo and Serbia.

When asked about how to end the crisis between the two countries, Çollaku highlighted the crucial need for a final agreement. He lamented the lack of willingness from both Prime Minister Kurti and President Vučić to find this agreement, which he regarded as unfortunate.