Neza: Kim’s actions for the opposition have strengthened Rama’s power

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Analyst Sami Neza has evaluated the performance of the United States Ambassador, Yuri Kim, at the end of her term. Neza acknowledges that Kim has done a commendable job, but he believes that Albania’s relations with the USA have not reached a higher level.

However, Neza asserts that Kim’s actions regarding the opposition have had an unintended consequence of strengthening Prime Minister Edi Rama’s power. While he acknowledges that this may not have been her intention, it is now an undeniable reality.

“As one of the most prominent voices, the expectations for her were high, and the perceptions created and reflected by the American embassy have influenced politics in the country. When evaluating the ambassador and the embassy’s work, there is some relativism. Some ambassadors have retired after their mandate, but Kim has been among the ambassadors who held the highest position,” Neza explains.

Concerning the internal perception, Neza observes that despite the positive efforts, the connection between Albanians and America has not significantly improved compared to 2020. The current reality is marked by increased corruption since 2017, a lack of progress, a closer relationship between the government and organized crime, and no significant improvement in media freedom.

Neza acknowledges the importance of Kim’s role and the embassy’s involvement, but the desired outcomes and impact on key issues have yet to be realized.