Kurti-vucic meeting: EU optimistic, confirmation expected

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The European Union (EU) is still awaiting a response from the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia regarding the invitation for a meeting in Brussels this week. Despite not receiving confirmation yet, EU spokesman Peter Stano remains optimistic and expects a positive answer soon. The EU hopes to set a date for the crisis management meeting.

“We have extensively discussed our expectations, consequences, and potential steps. The key objective is to hold the meeting here in Brussels, but I cannot provide any specific details at the moment. However, there is still time until the end of the week. We are waiting and hopeful that we can finalize the date and time for the meeting, and discuss the modalities thereafter. We cannot afford to waste time. It is time for action, not just words and speculation,” stated Stano.

According to diplomatic sources in Brussels, as reported by Radio Free Europe, the meeting is likely to take place on June 22 or 23. It is also mentioned that Kurti and Vucic may not have a direct meeting but instead engage in bilateral talks with Borrell.

The European Union has warned both parties about the potential consequences if they fail to demonstrate responsibility and readiness for the meeting, as well as further steps to ease tensions.

The day before, Kurti expressed his readiness and interest in going to Brussels, but stressed that the issue of the three policemen arrested by Serbia should be discussed.

In response, the Serbian President, during a meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, stated that he would not participate in the Brussels meeting until Belgrade’s conditions are met. These conditions include the withdrawal of Albanian mayors and police from the facilities in northern municipalities, as well as the prohibition of arrests of Serbs.