Draft law on cannabis: Preçi criticizes it as another concession

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During an episode of A2 Business, the economic expert Zef Preçi shared his views on the government’s recently introduced law regarding the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.

While Preçi did not oppose initiatives that contribute to economic development, he pointed out that there is no scientific study supporting the medicinal properties of cannabis. He also regarded the government’s law as yet another concession for vested interests.

“This topic has been under discussion for years. It was initially proposed by Mr. Kokëdhima but was rejected. Does Albania truly benefit from it? I am not against experimenting, but I perceive this law as just another experiment. During the communist era, children were given hashish oil to induce sleep. I fail to comprehend our objectives. Countries where cannabis is legalized have specific factors, such as climate conditions, technological advancements, and consumer demand. No evidence substantiates the curative potential of cannabis. In my view, it is a concession for those with vested interests,” expressed Preçi.