Communist Files Authority continues investigations into “IM” debates on Lustration Law

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The Communist Files Authority is committed to thoroughly investigating whether Ilir Meta had any association with the State Security. Genta Sula, speaking in the Laws Commission, stated that there is still ample time to complete the administrative investigation, while deputies engaged in discussions regarding the lustration initiatives that were submitted months ago.

The annual report of the files authority sparked a debate in the Law Commission chamber. Taking into account the case of the IM citizen, whose collaboration with the authority has not yet been proven, Oerd Bylykbashi demanded that individuals who have already passed the decommunization filters can only be reevaluated through court decisions.

“Let’s avoid putting the authority in unlawful situations through our actions. The principle of legal certainty must be upheld. Once someone has been examined and cleared, they should not be subjected to further scrutiny without clear justification. It should be the responsibility of the court, not the authority,” stated Bylykbashi.

Genta Sula, the Chairperson of the Files Authority, emphasized that the primary mission of her institution is to provide information, not carry out lustration.

“We have encountered a high-ranking official, a politician who has been cleared by the court of cassation, but we have found their presence in the documentation. We acknowledge and respect the court’s decision, but the file remains. When we inform the media, we simply inform the citizen that their file exists, along with the court decision, the Mezini commission, and the Bezhani commission,” explained Sula.

Regarding the lustration initiatives, the Chairperson of the Laws Commission announced that a comprehensive review will commence in the following week, following the presentation that was made months ago.