Cannabis legalization: Expert warns of failed business and illegal exportation

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The topic of legalizing medical and industrial cannabis, which has seemingly been on the agenda of the Rama government for years, has now taken a concrete legal form with the official submission of a draft law to parliament. However, this development raises questions about the process and its potential implications.

This matter was discussed on A2 Business, where economics expert Klodian Muço expressed concerns that this may merely serve as a guise for the illegal exportation of marijuana.

“The market for medicinal marijuana in Europe is only worth 400 million euros, whereas the tomato market amounts to 12 billion euros. Why would we expect to succeed with marijuana? There is simply no demand. The demand for marijuana oil in Albania is minimal.”

He cited Italy as an example, explaining that they passed a law ten years ago and entrusted production to the army and the Ministry of Defense.

“Considering this, isn’t there a fear that the legalization of cannabis in Albania is just a way to facilitate the illegal exportation of marijuana, benefiting only a select few? It doesn’t seem to be a legitimate business venture,” warned Muço.