US State Department reacts to Albanian Police operation at the Iranian Mujahideen camp

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The Albanian police’s operation at the Iranian Mujahideen camp in the “Ashraf” camp in Manez, which took place yesterday following orders from SPAK and GJKKO, received support from the US State Department.

In a statement issued by The US Department of State offices on behalf of Radio Free Europe, the USA reacted for the first time to the clashes between MEK members and the police.

The US Department of State expressed support for the police action and raised doubts about the MEK’s activities as an organization.

“The Albanian State Police has assured us that all actions were carried out in accordance with the current laws, including the protection of the rights and freedoms of all individuals in Albania. We support the Albanian Government’s right to investigate any potential illegal activities within its territory,” stated a spokesperson for the US State Department.

The The US Department of State spokesperson further added that the US does not consider the MEK a “sustainable democratic opposition movement representing the Iranian people,” expressing serious concerns about the organization, including allegations of abuse against its members.

Meanwhile, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, the Director of the Albanian State Police, mentioned that the resistance from MEK members began when they initiated the inspection of all facilities within the camp, uncovering instances of illegality, server rooms, and computer equipment.

However, Albanian officials did not disclose the details of SPAK’s investigation into the MEK members.

Regarding the recent death of an individual within the MEK, Minister of the Interior Bledi Çuçi clarified that it was unrelated to the police actions.

When asked about the whereabouts of MEK Iranians following the cyber attacks in July of the previous year, which led to the breakdown of diplomatic relations with Tehran, Minister Çuçi declined to comment.

In 2013, the Albanian authorities agreed, upon the request of the United States, to accommodate approximately 3,000 members of the People’s Mujahideen Organization of Iran (MEK).

However, the The US Department of State spokesperson emphasized that the US does not provide support, training, or financial contributions to the MEK.