Prishtina-Belgrade tensions: Appeal from Tirana for leaders to set aside egos and heed advice of friends

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Ambassador Yuri Kim, speaking from Tirana, called on the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia to set aside their egos and consider their national pride, as well as listen to the advice of their friends. During a recent conference with journalists, she reiterated the United States’ position on the tense situation in northern Kosovo.

“It is time for leaders to put aside their egos and reflect on the meaning of national pride, while also considering the advice of their friends.”

Kim emphasized that the establishment of an association of municipalities in northern Kosovo is the agreed-upon path by the leaders of both countries, while reaffirming the USA’s commitment to Kosovo.

“With regards to the association, the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia have reached an agreement on the way forward that would ultimately lead to the recognition of Kosovo. It is evident how much trust the people of Kosovo place in the United States. Our love and dedication to an independent and sovereign Kosovo is unwavering, and if you need proof, just look ahead. The question at hand is which steps both parties must take to move forward together.”