Mujahideen leaders prosecuted for resisting police during operation

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Following their violent resistance against State Police officers during the operation conducted at their camp in Manzë, several leaders of the Mujahideen have been criminally prosecuted.

“While carrying out lawful procedural actions, the Police encountered persistent and violent opposition from individuals taking refuge in the residence, who sought to obstruct the continuation of the checks and the seizure of material evidence, as ordered by GJKKO. As a result of these ongoing and violent protests, 15 police officers and State Police vehicles sustained damage. Despite the violence they endured, the police officers exercised utmost restraint and did not respond proportionately to the inflicted violence,” stated the police announcement.

Six individuals have been prosecuted as a result: HN, 73 years old; UK, 72 years old; AA, 72 years old; BS, 63 years old; AA, 61 years old; and DF, 70 years old, all of whom are Mujahideen leaders.