Former Serbian prison guard arrested for suspected war crimes, inhumane treatment, and violence against Albanians

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The Kosovo police have apprehended a Serbian individual suspected of committing war crimes against the civilian population. The alleged crimes took place during the Kosovo War (1998-1999) when the individual, who worked as a prison guard, is believed to have engaged in torture, physical and psychological violence, and inhumane treatment of Albanian prisoners.

The arrest, carried out in the morning hours, targeted an individual identified by the initials DM in the Graçanica area.

“Based on the available evidence, there are reasonable grounds to suspect that, in collaboration with other individuals, during the Kosovo War, while holding an official position as a prison guard in Pristina and a parallel location separated from Pristina, specifically in the Lipjan prison, the suspect systematically engaged in torture, physical and psychological violence, mistreatment, and inhumane and life-threatening acts against Albanian prisoners,” announced the Kosovo Police.

Furthermore, a search was conducted at the suspect’s residence, resulting in the seizure of a 9mm caliber “Zastava” revolver firearm, 136 cartridges of 9x19mm caliber, a military knife of the SOG Specialty Knives brand, a metal rod, documents, decisions, notes, and a personal phone, all of which serve as material evidence.

The suspect was interviewed in the presence of a defense lawyer provided by the family, as he faces allegations related to the criminal offense of “war crimes against the civilian population.”