Accusations against MEK Members: Berisha calls for UN-led international investigation


Sali Berisha has urged for an international investigation into the activities of the Mujahideen sheltered at Camp Ashraf 3 in Manzë. Prior to his meeting with democratic deputies who support him, Berisha emphasized that the actions of the State Police during the camp inspections warrant a thorough investigation.

“There should be an international investigation, specifically led by the UN, which has supervisory powers over them. Furthermore, those responsible for the violence must be brought before the court,” stated Berisha.

Referring to a statement from the US State Department, he highlighted the need for the investigation to determine if human rights violations occurred within the camp and if crimes were committed against MEK members.

“This aspect should also be included in the UN investigation. The camp should not be used as a means to violate the rights of the individuals within the community,” added Berisha.

Providing details of the agreement negotiated during his tenure as prime minister, Berisha explained his opposition to the establishment of a camp.

“When we negotiated and brought them here, the establishment of a camp was not part of the plan. Our alternative proposal was to rent apartments in different areas of Tirana and provide assistance for their daily lives as guests,” clarified the former prime minister.

Regarding the accusations of MEK’s involvement in political activities, Berisha acknowledged their presence but specified the type of activity he opposed during the negotiations.

“They were labeled as a terrorist group, and we could not accept any acts or armed actions initiated from Albanian territory to be carried out by the Mujahideen group,” concluded Berisha. Berisha also acknowledged that the Mujahideen may have violated the terms of the agreement, referring to the court’s decision regarding inspections inside the camp.