SPAK files charges about Fier Incinerator issue

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The Special Prosecution Office has proposed that former Environment Minister Lefter Koka serve another ten years in prison. This time, he is accused of “corruption,” “abuse of duty,” and “money laundering” in connection with the Fier Incinerator. SPAK also sought conviction for 14 other defendants in the same case, including former Socialist Party MP Alqi Bllako and incinerator businessman Klodian Zoto, in the indictment read in court, with terms ranging from 3 to 12 years in jail.

SPAK asked the court to consider decreasing one-third of each sentence due to the accelerated proceedings. SPAK garnered attention and prompted debate in the courtroom due to the escalation of accusations against several of the case’s principal defendants, for whom it had earlier agreed to reduce the charges. This was the situation with former Environment Secretary General Alqi Bllako, who was charged with “corruption of public officials.”