Rama’s Draft for the Association, Bytyçi: He acts like ‘Zeus’, wants Kurti and Osmani under his dictatorship

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According to analyst and historian Enver Bytyçi, the draft for the Association of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo, which was recently forwarded by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to the chancelleries in Berlin and Paris, is an attempt by the head of government to depict himself as a powerful regional leader.

According to Bytyçi, who spoke in the Debate Studio on A2 CNN, Rama has continuously demonstrated a divisive and hostile attitude against the leaders of the state of Kosovo, because the Prime Minister of Albania sees himself as “Zeus,” wanting everyone under his tyranny.

“Mr. Rama’s character, temperament, and ethics, in my opinion, are such that he decides everything on his own and does not consult with anyone, especially not with Kosovo and about Kosovo.” He has assumed the role of Albanian leadership in general. He appeals to all Albanians, including the Prime Minister and President of Kosovo, to accept his point of view. He sees himself as Zeus, standing above everyone and deciding for the sake of the nation as a whole, including Kosovo, and even whether or not individuals breathe. Mr. Rama’s attitude does not strike me as odd. He has been arrogant and divisive against Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, Isa Mustafa, and Abdullah Hoti, Kosovo’s wisest Prime Minister. There have been clashes, confrontations, and disagreements. In this situation, I believe Mr. Rama intends to play a more significant role than in others. “He wants to position himself as a regional leader fighting for peace and US interests in the region,” said the well-known historian.