“National unification, a ticking time bomb,” Bytyçi: Let us work together to improve the state of Kosovo

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National unity is a ticking time bomb that produces instability, insecurity, and threatens regional peace. This was said by analyst Enver Bytyçi in the Debate Studio on A2 CNN, in response to Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s revival of this idea. This problem, he claims, is not in the best interests of Albanians because it would imply Albania joining half of Kosovo and the other half joining Serbia. He underlines that everyone should be working to improve the status of Kosovo rather than playing with people’s emotions.

“Kurti brought back the thesis of national unification for emotional and electoral reasons, to appeal to his voters, but I don’t believe Kurti himself believes that talking about national unification is on the agenda or a trending topic today.” What we need to do is advocate for the strengthening of Kosovo’s state. We should not toy with the emotions of individuals who are performing mediocrely and profit electorally, but rather consider Kosovo and Albania’s interests. Any attempt at national unification would result in half of Kosovo being administered by Albania and the other half by Serbia, leaving all Albanian lands in the Balkans outside the borders. This is not in the best interests of Albanians, but rather a ticking time bomb that generates instability, insecurity, and threatens regional peace. As long as Kosovo is not a member of the UN, it should be illegal to discuss it, but eventually, the concept of national unification will disappear among inhabitants. Kosovo’s existence does not affect Albania or Albanians.”

Bytyçi also stressed that, despite the interests of some forces, the world community supports Kosovo and is not united in the split and disintegration of the state of Kosovo.

“The international community supports Kosovo; however, it is divided on the division and dismantling of the state of Kosovo, despite the fact that some elements are interested in doing so.” I disagree with the remarks of several Kosovo politicians. Everyone should work to strengthen Kosovo’s statehood rather than discussing national union. These statements irritate me.”