Berisha urges civil disobedience: “Let us confront the regime.”

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Sali Berisha held a press conference on Monday and released a video in which he claimed to expose the “electoral bastardization” that occurred in Elbasan.

“In a series of electoral farces, I have brought before you video evidence that unequivocally proves the electoral bastardization that occurred in Elbasan, the open role of socialist operators as electoral criminals, their complete control over citizens’ votes, voting on citizens’ behalf, and voting methods that violate all legal and constitutional standards of the country and international norms.”

“What the cameras in Elbasan show is the ugly face of these elections,” Berisha remarked.

He also encouraged Albanians to act in civil disobedience against the government. “I invite Albanians to follow these critical facts and documents in order to make a decision, possibly the most important decision of their lives, to confront this regime that does not allow us to vote, that controls our votes, manipulates our votes, and is capable of violating any law, any decision, in order to seize undeserved mandates,” Berisha said.