Response to the Franco-German ultimatum, Lajčák and Escobar to visit Kosovo and Serbia next week

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Next week, two high-level officials from the European Union and the United States will visit Kosovo and Serbia.

Miroslav Lajčák, the EU Special Envoy for the Dialogue, and Gabriel Escobar, the US emissary for the Western Balkans, will meet with leaders in both countries.

According to Radio Free Europe, the major goal of their visit will be to find a solution that calms tensions in northern Kosovo and answers to the Franco-German proposal made during the summit in Moldova.

Macron and Scholz particularly asked for new elections in four northern municipalities, the participation of Serbian parties, and the formation of an association as requirements for overcoming the situation. Another goal of Laják and Escobar’s visits to Pristina and Belgrade will be to decide the next steps for executing the agreement on ties normalization.