After being released from prison, Tahiri: I Experienced Injustice, Now I Will Seek Justice Unreservedly!

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“I will continue to seek justice, as I have done up until now.” This is former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri’s initial reply after being conditionally released from prison.

Tahiri thanks those who have believed in him in a Facebook post, but also those who, according to him, have always lied. He emphasizes his newfound ability to seek “unreserved justice.”

“I will continue to pursue justice like I have in the past. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for always believing in everything I’ve done! Thank you for always lying and reminding me of the cost of honesty. I got the opportunity to witness injustice firsthand. Now I have the opportunity to seek justice without hesitation! Thank you all very much!”

The Elbasan Court ruled today to grant former Minister Tahiri release pn probation after he was convicted to 3 years and 4 months in prison for power abuse.

Tahiri has already spent half of her sentence, and the remaining one year and seven months will be served under house arrest.

The key reason for Tahiri’s restricted release, according to Elbasan judge Matilda Fetahu, was that Tahiri’s wife could no longer care for the children owing to her health condition. As a result, Tahiri must take on the task of caring for the children.

Tahiri was being investigated after the Italian court system wiretapped the Habilaj gang, which was involved in the cultivation and trafficking of cannabis sativa.

Despite accusations that Tahiri was involved in establishing conditions for drug trafficking, the serious crimes court found him guilty of abuse of duty at the end of the trial.

An accusation that Tahiri never accepted for a second but could not prove to the court system.