What is the Democratic Party’s Unity Formula? MPs from both parties propose a collegial leadership


MPs and members of the formal Democratic Party leadership are working on measures for democratic unification, which they will propose at meetings convened by Gazment Bardhi.

Flamur Hoxha, MP and member of the Democratic Party’s leadership, tells A2 CNN that the formula for reconciling the Democratic Party’s groups might begin with the formation of a collegial leadership from both sides. He does, however, point the finger to the “Reestablishment” faction, from which he hopes to raise a voice addressing culpability for the May 14 defeat.

“Just as we did on March 6, they should raise their voice and read the reality. The Democratic Party does not require a chairman, but both parties can work together to first unite the base. I don’t expect all MPs to join, but the Democrats will,” Hoxha stated.

MP Lefter Geshtenja holds the same view and demands for an investigation into the situation within the Democratic Party.

“We must all work together to bring Democrats together. What we really need is a collegial leadership, to conduct an analysis, and to talk to each other,” Geshtenja added.

When asked about the possibility of Lulzim Basha returning to lead the Democratic Party, Hoxha and Gshtenja underline the need for fresh leadership.

“The Democratic Party requires new leadership.” It is his decision, and I will comment when this guy formally proclaims his intention to run,” Hoxha stated.

“The Democratic Party desperately needs a new leader.” I believe we should hold the meetings that Basha holds during this year, when we have not been close to the Democrats. “The headline for the Democratic Party to return as a winning force is to open up the party,” asserted Hoxha and Geshtenja for A2 CNN.

“We need to open up the party, even if it means losing my seat as an MP.” We need young people to advance our interests in 2025 and beyond. The party cannot be stifled by the desires of a prior chairman, a current chairman, or whoever comes next. “The party should not be divided for their own benefit,” stated Hoxha.

“We need to attract intellectuals, grow the party beyond what it was in 2021, attract true opponents, and get young people to vote in the upcoming elections.” This is crucial. “It needs to create a model PD and a new leadership team,” Gshtenja added.

The Democratic Party’s parliamentary group will meet on June 5, and the Democratic Party leadership will meet the following day.