“Reestablishment” alters their slogan after losing the elections on May 14th

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Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha continues to accuse the May 14th election of being rigged. Based on this, “The Reestablishment” has decided to modify the slogan that will accompany them for the next few months until the analysis of the electoral process they have launched is completed.

“There is no solution without free elections,” says the new “Reestablishment” slogan.

Following the end of the elections, in which the alliance “Together We Win” won only seven municipalities, Sali Berisha said that he will conduct center-by-center investigations to prove that May 14th was a “electoral farce.” The length of this analysis is unknown, but upon completion, Sali Berisha has declared that he will seek a vote of confidence, as required by the Democratic Party’s revised Statute in December.