“Missing Declaration,” Kurti criticizes international community: They did not support the newly elected officials after recognizing the elections

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Prime Minister Albin Kurti addressed the Kosovo Assembly, providing a timeline of the situation in the country’s north, from the removal of Serbs from institutions to the occurrences following the swearing-in of new officials.

The head of government criticized the international community once more, claiming that while they acknowledged the elections, they failed to support the newly elected officials, who, according to the Constitution, should have assumed their duties based on the known results.

“An escalation of the situation was planned and had authors on May 29.” Belgrade’s government was behind it. Concerns were raised, prompting Serbia to involve criminal groups in order to truly aggravate the situation. The opposite of what should have happened. Following declarations in favour of having elections and respecting election results, the new officials should have been supported. What was missed was a declaration ensuring that the new authorities’ work remains uninterrupted until the elections. The absence of a declaration did not help the issue. We worked in accordance with Kosovo law. “This chronology was created in collaboration with the international community,” Kurti explained.