“Do not evict us from our homes,” protesters in the north display propaganda banners

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Serbian protestors rallied in front of municipal buildings in Zubin Potok, Zvecan, and Leposavic on the sixth day. They have displayed propaganda banners claiming to be evicted from their homes.

“We will not be evicted from our homes” and “We want peace, not tear gas and shock bombs,” the banners they are waving declare.

Meanwhile, KFOR troops and the Kosovo Police, who are in charge of preserving order, remain near and inside the municipality’s building.

It has been revealed that all employees in public institutions in the country’s north are compelled to join in rallies against the Albanian mayors elected in April 23 elections.

Meanwhile, it is known that these institutions follow the Belgrade system.

KFOR allows teachers to enter the school:

Teachers at Zvecan Vocational High School, on the other hand, asked KFOR today for permission to access the school grounds. They requested that KFOR forces allow them to access their businesses to gather documentation since they needed to present degrees to pupils today.

Blazho Dragovic, the school’s director, asked permission from KFOR for them to enter.

“We had to distribute diplomas today, but we don’t have the facilities because we’re surrounded by barbed wire.” We are currently attempting to determine whether the KFOR commander will allow us to retrieve at least some documents from the school. “Let’s see what response they give us and if they let us in,” Dragovic stated.

KFOR permitted the teachers to enter the school, gather the proper documentation, and then leave.

Tensions in northern Kosovo:

On Friday, May 26, the elected mayors of these municipalities were compelled to enter their offices with the assistance of the Kosovo Police. Six Kosovo police officers and 30 KFOR soldiers were hurt as a result of the violent protests, while Serbs also attacked the Kosovo Police and media.

The US has reprimanded Kosovo for raising tensions with Serbia and suspended the country’s participation in the NATO military exercise “Defender 23” after Pristina refused to withdraw its mayors and police personnel from the country’s north.

On Thursday, US Ambassador Jeffrey Hovenier indicated that he had a fruitful discussion with Prime Minister Albin Kurti and that they addressed the main agreement with Serbia. On the other hand, the government’s leader claimed that they are devoted to settling the situation in the country’s north.