Accusations for “May 14th,” Noka: Evidence, a chance for SPAK to break free from the “government’s pocket”

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Democratic Party MP Flamur Noka has completed his denunciation at SPAK (Special Prosecution Office) about electoral process manipulation, and in front of journalists, he claimed that his visits to the Special Prosecution Office will be frequent because he has more to denounce.

At a time when his party has leveled severe accusations against SPAK, branding it a “government organ,” Noka stated that the May 14th election process will be an indicator for them. This, according to Noka, will decide whether SPAK is actually an independent entity, as declared, or if it is “under the government’s control.”

“Every day, we will condemn the electoral farce and the manipulation that distorts the will of the Albanian people.” There are several complaints, and you will see me at these doors frequently because it is my obligation to face this government and denounce any misconduct. SPAK has been accused and will continue to be implicated. It is the organ of justice, and they have a chance to get out of the government’s clutches. “This is a test to see if they are in the government’s pocket or under government control,” Noka explained.