Mayor of Leposaviq Detained for 60 Hours, Analyst: Serbs Write His Name on Animals and Parade Him in the City

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The Franco-German proposal received by President Vjosa Osmani this afternoon in Moldova, which would alleviate tensions in Northern Kosovo by holding new local elections in four Serb-majority towns, sparked debate among panelists on A2CNN’s “Debate” show hosted by Alba Alishani.

In response to this idea, Pristina analyst Arbnor Sadiku remarked that hopes for a solution are low. This, he claims, is owing to Osmani’s insignificant political and electoral weight in Kosovo.

He highlighted, however, that the message of the European Union’s two key leaders will be best delivered to Albin Kurti, notwithstanding the lack of coordination that was obvious today between the Prime Minister’s Office in Pristina and the President, who was in Moldova.

“Expectations have been low because it is widely known that Osmani lacks significant political authority in Kosovo, which is held by Prime Minister Kurti and Vetevendosje.” Ms. Osmani acts as a correspondent for Prime Minister Kurti’s communications. Because Kurti ignored the world community’s pleas, Osmani has been used as a communication conduit. It is encouraging that Macron and Scholz have sent unambiguous messages to President Osmani. She will present Kurti with precise requests and deadlines for organizing new municipal elections in Northern Kosovo municipalities. The analyst noted, “There has been good coordination between the Presidency and the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the meetings she has held there and Kurti’s meeting with the US Ambassador.”

When asked if new parliamentary elections in Kosovo would be held based on Kurti’s future decisions, Sadiku stated that they would serve the Prime Minister’s aims since he would win.

“First and foremost, if the country goes to elections, Albin Kurti is very interested in it, and not because of the opposition.” Second, I have serious doubts about the opposition’s ability to defeat Kurti in the future elections. The only way is for Kurti to create a coalition with some of these opposition groups, because he cannot achieve 50% on his own. The only way forward is to form a coalition with the opposition’s three main groups. “With their help, he can then push forward the remaining stalled issues, such as Northern elections and the Association of Serb-majority municipalities,” Sadiku said.

The analyst further stated that Leposaviq Mayor Lulzim Ethemi, who was elected on April 23, has been held captive in the municipality’s premises for 60 hours due to Serbian gangs surrounding the facility.

“The elected Albanian mayor of Leposaviq has been detained in the municipality for security reasons and is virtually unable to leave due to the siege imposed by the criminal gangs in the north.” Throughout the day, there have been ridiculing occurrences against him, including his name being scrawled on animals and paraded across the city. “The claim made by the Serbian official or former mayor of the municipality that he could freely leave the office is false, because Serbian gangs there would mobilize to attack him using any means possible,” he added.