Kurti Talks on the Phone with Biden Advisor, Open to New Elections in Four Municipalities

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Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, spoke by phone with Jon Finer, the US Deputy National Security Advisor, in which he left open the idea of holding new elections in four municipalities in Northern Kosovo.

Kurti expressed his willingness to negotiate with the world community to alleviate the situation in a social media post.

“I am glad I spoke with Jon Finer, the United States’ Deputy National Security Advisor.” I thanked him for the conversation and promised to work with the US to defuse tensions. This necessitates an immediate cessation of violence by Belgrade-backed gangs, from security authorities to the new elections in these municipalities. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Senators Chris Murphy CT, Ricketts, and Shaheen. I thanked them for their assistance. “The path to de-escalation until new elections is clearing the violent crowds in front of municipal buildings and full implementation of the Brussels Agreement,” Kurti stated on Twitter.

One of the explicit requests that the EU has given to the parties is for new elections, while also making it plain that Serbia must join in this process and begin work on the foundation of the Association, or there would be consequences.