6 Days of Protests, Serbs Gather Again in Zvečan, Prevent Entry of Mayors into Offices

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Today is the sixth day of protests in northern Kosovo, and on this Friday, Serbian protestors gathered in front of the municipality of Zvecan and began signing, defending their actions by claiming why they are “not allowed to enter the municipality building.”

The Serbs oppose the exercise of mayoral functions from municipal premises in three municipalities in the north. For several days, tensions have followed the protests, which have recently been replaced by insults and provocations.

Meanwhile, a day earlier, Xhelal Sveçla, the Minister of Internal Affairs, stated that Serbs in Kosovo are continually under pressure and threats to conduct things against their will. It is also worth emphasizing that the international community has urged contemplation and the maintenance of peace and stability in northern Kosovo.

Likewise, the European Union has joined France and Germany in calling for new northern elections.

The EU has made three demands of Kosovo:

New elections

Ensure that Kosovo Serbs vote in these elections

Begin work on forming an association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.
“Failure to meet these demands will have serious consequences in our relations,” warned Joseph Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs.