Serbs attack the A2 CNN team in Kosovo, escalating tensions in the north

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The situation in northern Kosovo remains precarious. Masked persons attacked journalists reporting on the latest developments in the municipality of Leposavi with heavy items.

numerous masked persons suspected of being present during the previous day’s protests in the northern municipalities assaulted and damaged the A2 CNN team and numerous other media outlets’ equipment.

Regarding the attack on the A2 CNN team in Leposavi, journalist Jul Kasapi recounted the dangerous incident in a live link.

Kasapi claimed that masked young men attacked them with heavy objects and threw rocks at their car. He also leveled a serious charge against the KFOR squad, claiming that they fled as soon as they observed these people and did not approach to assist.

“We were inside the automobile while we got stoned. Behind us was another van belonging to an Albanian television network. We had parked our automobiles well away from the Leposavi municipality, but we were nevertheless attacked here.

Similar attacks have occurred in every municipality where Albanian media outlets have been targeted.

The KFOR forces were nearby, but as soon as they noticed the masked individuals, they fled. There are no police officers present.

“There were 4-5 young people wearing masks and hoods who attacked us while we were all inside the car,” A2 CNN correspondent Jul Kasapi explained.

When the conflict with KFOR began in Zvean, masked persons stepped out and attacked NATO peacekeeping force members with explosive devices such as flash bangs and Molotov cocktails.

Over 30 KFOR soldiers were injured as a result of the attacks.