Rraja testifies about asset confiscation: “I have three dental clinics, and I have never spent more than I have earned.”

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Redjan Rraja, a defendant charged by SPAK with attempting to assassinate former prosecutor Arjan Ndoja, testified today in the trial concerning the confiscation of his assets. Rraja denied any involvement with the”Audi” vehicle, which was seized as SPAK believes it was given to him.

“I had a friendship with Kthjella, but that was it. That car was registered to her. I am not involved. It is an object that she owns. I’m not sure when it was purchased. I made no contribution to the purchase of this vehicle,” Rraja stated.

Rraja indicated that he had three dental clinics and had secured up to 20 million Albanian lek in income.

“I have never spent more than my earnings,” he explained.

SPAK wants a business property, two garages, and the “Audi” vehicle confiscated because they are unwarranted in legal sources. During the session, Rraja revealed that in 2016, he signed a pre-contract for a commercial property and two garages and paid around 200 thousand euros through the bank. He claimed that he had sought a portion of the money back since he needed it during his time in Canada.

“I would have returned the money when I returned from Canada, but I was arrested. That is why I requested my wife to cancel the contract,” Rraja explained.

He added that he did not recall having any contractual interaction with an Elton Cico relative in the old Block region of Tirana in 2016. Rraja stressed that he might have had patients because he had worked as a dentist in Tepelena for six years. Rraja said he knew Elton Cico as a patient and that they were at the same table at the time of the murder.