Kurti, criticized by the US, responds to the situation in the North: Democracy must not be held captive

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Albin Kurti appears to reject the scloding made to Kosovo by the international community in the last 24 hours, even excluding it from the “Defender Europe 2023” exercise.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo does not back down from what he calls the building of democracy in the North.

According to Kurti, the newly elected leaders have the authority to manage the majority Serbian municipalities.

Although the US Ambassador in Pristina, Jeff Hovenier, has warned that if steps to alleviate tensions are not done, the US will no longer campaign for Kosovo’s recognition as an independent state, Kurti emphasized that democracy cannot be hampered.

Kurti condemns the violence against KFOR troops and names those who, under Belgrade’s directives, encourage protests in the four northern municipalities through pressures and provocations.

“Extremists and militias have their own names. They do not represent the people. They must be expelled from the Serbian community. We found the majority of them yesterday and today. Individuals or groups that are stronger than the state cannot exist above the rule of law.

“Multi-millionaire criminals like Milan Radoji and Zvonko Veselinovi fall into this category. They are large proprietors of enterprises and smuggling operations that abuse their poor workers by forcing them to participate in violent protests. In fact, their commanding officers in Belgrade, Aleksandar Vucic, Aleksandar Vulin, and Ivica Dacic, order the public administration in this manner: the way of Aleksandar Vucic, Aleksandar Vulin, and Ivica Dacic,” claimed the Kosovar Prime Minister.