Kasapi, northern Kosovo: “KFOR troops left as soon as they noticed the aggressors in the attack on the A2 CNN team”

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Several masked males, who are suspected of also being present at yesterday’s rallies in the northern municipalities, have attacked and destroyed the A2 CNN crew and several other media outlets’ equipment.

Regarding the attack on the A2 CNN team in Leposavi, journalist Jul Kasapi recounted the dangerous incident in a live connection.

Kasapi claimed that several masked adolescents attacked them with missiles and threw rocks at their vehicle, while also accusing the KFOR team of leaving as soon as they observed these individuals and not approaching to rescue them.

“We were inside the automobile while we got stoned. Behind us came another van from an Albanian television station. We had parked our automobiles well away from the municipality of Leposavi, but we were attacked even here.

This type of occurrence has occurred in every municipality where other Albanian media outlets have been targeted. The KFOR forces were nearby, but as soon as they noticed the masked individuals, they fled. There are no police officers present.

“There were 4-5 masked youths with hoods who attacked us while we were all inside the car,” said Jul Kasapi, an A2 CNN correspondent.