SP won with the votes of Rrogozhina’s prisoners; DP responds: “We will continue the fight through legal means.”

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Following the declaration of the SP victory in the May 14th elections by a small margin of 23 votes, the Democratic Party chapter in Rrogozhina has reacted.

Edison Memolla, the Socialist Party’s candidate, won the campaign to lead the Municipality of Rrogozhina by a 23-vote margin over Shklqim Hoxha of the “Together We Win” coalition.

The DP branch stated in a statement that they will fight for every citizen’s vote through legal means.

Statement from the DP Rrogozhina branch:

Dear Rrogozhina inhabitants, who decided for a change in the direction of the Municipality of Rrogozhina with your vote!

Dear Democrats who toiled diligently, friends and emigrant brothers who made remarkable contributions to this epic result in Rrogozhina Municipality.

We are not only the moral victors of the Municipality, but we are also the real winners, since we ended the Municipality with a 57-vote advantage. Our opponent, who had prematurely celebrated, was able to elevate his head and not simply smile with a single box, one from Rrogozhina Prison, where the validity of this result is unclear.

Our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you; please do not be discouraged; we will fight on through legal methods for every vote you cast.