Meta breaks silence after opposition coalition loses elections

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Ilir Meta, the leader of the Freedom Party, responded to the May 14th municipal elections on social media on Monday afternoon.

Meta stated that the elections were ruined before they ever began, and that this was done with the open backing of criminal organizations and drug traffickers, who had tragically joined with the State Police.

“The narcostate’s narcoselections!” Albania’s local elections on May 14th were ruined before they even began.

By illegally failing to register the opposition and removing opposition commissioners and vote counters. By utilizing tax officials to put pressure on every firm, and by frightening opposition voters with the prime minister’s mouth about the implications of voting for the opposition.

On election day, however, the elections were also destroyed by dismantling the fundamental element of security in the elections, which was electronic voter identification, transforming polling stations into places where the law was openly violated and unprecedented pressure was exerted, filled with hundreds of ministry directors, general secretaries, municipality directors, community administrators, and all types of employees, including police officers and thugs.

All of this was accomplished with the open help of criminal organizations and drug traffickers, who had unhappily integrated with the State Police. By participating in these elections and facing the narcostate’s mafia coercion, Albanians conveyed a powerful message of bravery.

The narcoselections exposed all of the government’s drug manipulators, who were recognized by name and surname. Their every move has been documented, and thousands of data weigh heavily on them. The euro lost 10% of its worth because it was used to sway voters.

Albanians are far more powerful than the narcogovernment, and the Democracy of Change that they deserve is unavoidable. No narcoselection can thwart Albanians’ independence and future.”