Glover: Looking forward to new developments on Beleri’s case, hope it’s resolved in court

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When asked about Fredi Beleri’s victories in Himara, who has been arrested for vote-buying, the head observer of the OSCE ODIHR, Audrey Glover, responded that this is a question for the judiciary. According to her, the OSCE ODIHR is eager to observe what happens.

“I am hoping that the Beleri case is resolved in court.” We’re excited to see what happens. The authorities are responsible for persons who were forced to vote in a specific manner. They should have stopped it, but they didn’t. I hope that sufficient procedures are taken to prevent breaking the law.”

Glover also discussed electoral fraud in certain locations.

“There were some manipulations in some areas, and we noticed this with people standing outside polling stations.” We were aware that there were pressures on people to vote a certain way.”