“For the first time, Shkodra is won by the PS, Benet Beci reacts”

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Benet Beci has reacted for the first time after winning the elections for Mayor of Shkodra. He is the first Socialist Party candidate to win this election since pluralism began.

“Thank you for your citizenship, seriousness, and dedication! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Beci wrote on Facebook.

Previously, it was the “Together We Win” candidate for the Municipality of Shkodra, Bardh Spahia, who reacted after officially losing the election to rule the city for the next four years by more than 10,000 votes to the socialist candidate, Benet Beci.

“Any power that comes from the world of crime and dirty money does not last long, whereas Shkodra’s free spirit has withstood even the darkest times. Thank you to everyone who is steadfast and does not compromise for freedom,” stated Spahia in a Facebook post.

According to the Central Election Commission’s official results, Beci received about 40,000 votes, while Spahia received approximately 22,500. This is the first time the Socialist Party has won this municipality since our country’s inception of political pluralism.