Berisha Speaks after loss in Shkodër: Diffcult day for everyone

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Sali Berisha spoke to the media this afternoon about the current results of the May 14th elections. He described it as an extraordinarily tough and serious day for Albanian liberties and rights.

According to Berisha, this is a period of anguish for the country’s democratic values, and he has urged all opposition commissioners to continue their work until the final vote count, despite enormous pressure on them.

“The horrifying industry of vote-buying, the world of crime and oligarchy, has violated the Albanian people’s right to vote like never before in this country’s history.” There are several acts and behaviors that demonstrate that the narcostate pursued a policy of nullifying the freedom of the vote, purchasing it, and intimidating Albanian voters during these months.

This is a challenging day, a difficult day for Albanian individuals’ freedoms and rights. It is a trying time for the country’s democratic values. I’m here to severely criticize and dismiss this political charade, which is marked by electoral state crime and ordinary crime from beginning to end.

I am also here to urge all opposition representatives on the counting commissions to continue their work with zeal, because it is our purpose to do everything possible to preserve Albanian voters’ votes.

Finally, I strongly condemn the use of violence against a commissioner in Kurbin merely because they wish to dictate and modify the outcome in this municipality, as they have done in the majority of municipalities around the country. I express my solidarity with Commissioner Ismail Ismaili and all other commissioners who are carrying out their responsibilities with considerable difficulties.”