Veliaj in Tirana’s Municipal Unit 13, demands the vote of the right wing and youngest people

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Erion Veliaj traveled to his local area in Tirana, Unit 13, to ask the Democrats to vote on May 14.

As the socialist candidate described the new neighborhoods near the zoological garden and the Dry Lake from the Tekanjoze area, Veliaj promised that investments would continue for all residents regardless of political differences.

“Don’t let them humiliate you; vote Socialist Party, and it’s easy, cause it’s the second on the list. Let’s take our boys and girls at the municipal council.”

Erion Veliaj also sent a message to young people voting for the first time on May 14. The socialist candidate responded to his competitor Belind Kelliçi’s allegations about parking areas, and stated once again that the construction of the Botanical Garden was blocked by the Democratic Party.

“Vote for our team, the boys and girls of your neighborhood, who grew up in this city and represent the Socialist Party of Albania, and a team that will move Tirana forward.”

Veliaj stated that a public agro-food market will open shortly in Farka. In unit 13, infrastructure investments will continue, while the region of the new Boulevard will represent the future of Tirana’s development.