“The real mayor is Dako,” Cara says, promising Durres open doors, services, and water

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The candidate of the opposition alliance “Together We Win” for the municipality of Durres has presented  in “Debate”, A2 CNN, a platform through which he expects to gain the city’s municipality.

Cara stated in an interview with journalist Alba Alishani that Durres is already waiting for change because, as he stated, the municipality does not think about its citizens.

According to him, the large investments made recently in the coastal city, such as Velieria or the new port that is expected to be built, are not done for the citizens or the city itself, but rather only serve former mayor Vangjush Dako or the government.

When asked about the accusations that he is against the city’s development, Cara declared:

“Are they going to tell me that the investment in Durres’ Veliera is development for Durres? I don’t think so. It is an item that is not worth the price. They suggest, let’s do that massive corruption that the people of Durres are aware of under the guise of the navy… The new port will be developed with Albanian taxpayers’ money. What does Durres take from it? Nothing.”

Igli Cara, the “Together We Win” candidate, stated that under his leadership, the municipality will be an open door in the function of the inhabitants, as well as bringing necessary services to the citizens in every part of the municipality.

“Those who pay taxes must be provided with services. Tap water is scarce in many places. The standard of urban service is deplorable. Better control of tap water is required. Pipes are damaged and gushing everywhere.”

Cara also accused his mayoral opponent, current mayor Emiriana Sako. She is only a “tool” in the hands of former mayor Dako, he claims.

“The real mayor of the municipality is Dako; everyone knows that even after four years, he is the real Mayor. We received money from the EU; who is responsible for the reconstruction process not being completed? The money for the reconstruction went to the Durres Hydrovore.”

According to him, approximately $20 million of the Reconstruction funds were spent on “a senseless decision” for the Durres hydropower facility.

Meanwhile, when asked about Rama’s comments about him being “a good boy”, Cara stated that he will not return to the prime minister with the same argument.

“I will never enter into his joking discourse; I don’t want to be a part of his game, but I do want to compete for the city of Durres; he should have done the management, and he didn’t.”

Igli Cara encouraged the city’s young and immigrants to vote for him in the name of bringing about change in the city.