The government’s proposal eliminates the Albanian language criterion: foreigners with children will get citizenship

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Foreigners who have given birth to children during their regular stay in our country will no longer be required to speak Albanian in order to benefit from Albanian citizenship.

The government has proposed to the Parliament some amendments to the citizenship law, which would result in the removal of some criteria for its benefit. The first step is for a child born in Albania to be granted citizenship when they reach maturity.

With the consent of both parents, a child born on the territory of the Republic of Albania to parents with other citizenships and legally residing on the territory of the Republic of Albania may be granted Albanian citizenship.

After the child has obtained Albanian citizenship through this simplified procedure, the draft law proposed by the government allows his parents to use the Republic of Albania passport.

The necessity to know the Albanian language does not appear to be a criterion anymore; it appears that being in the nation for three years on a regular basis is sufficient.