Kelliçi in Tirana: Citizens will not be fined for repairing their houses

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Belind Kelliçi, the candidate of the “Together We Win” coalition, resumed his tour of meeting locals in the capital.

Residents of the Xhamllik region presented Kelliçi with issues concerning the essential interventions in their properties in order to preserve them, but which, according to them, they risk being penalized by the Tirana municipality.

“No one will be fined for constructing a yard or repairing a house in accordance with the law,” Kelliçi stated.

When journalists questioned Kelliçi about the issue of parking in the city’s neighborhoods, he spoke about the solution he said he will provide, beginning with the free return of a portion of them to residents.

“We will return 30% of paid parking spaces free of charge, and we build underground parking spaces for citizens as well as dedicated parking spaces,” he added.

Another project that Kelliçi claimed to have planned for the Xhamllik neighborhood is the installation of playgrounds and rest facilities for children.